Smart Institute

Workstyle based workplace, embedded key required Communication , Collaboration, and Office Productivity tool integration with enterprise business applications and business data. It Improves the employee's productivity with the dynamic users Workstyle designed specifically for a SMEs.

It provide highly integrated Mobility & Presence features, helps in connecting experts and required resources on demand.

It helps an enterprise to secure business data and IP. Enable authorized users to access it with the compliance of defined Data access policy with real-time auditing.

Key Features

  • Identical interfaces at home or office or anywhere
  • Secure Access- Two Factor Authentication
  • Seamless Integration of Business application access.
  • Build in flavors to communication & Collaboration provide capabilities like:
    • Enterprise Mail
    • Enterprise Directory
    • Embedded Instant Message
    • Presence
    • Enterprise VoIP
    • Click to Dial
    • 1-1 or 1-2-many Video
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Hot Desking Support
  • Soft TTY Capability
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Secured Business Application Access
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Support Use of Local USB Devices & Printers
  • On Demand application Subscription

Management, Administration & Support :

Provide a seamless management functionalities to IT & Business management.

  • Manager functions independent of User location
  • User work log monitoring
  • Customized usage and access monitoring and reporting
  • Central management of user and desktop configuration.
  • Provision of recording of IM, Mails , Voice & Video calls

SMART Office is a SLA driven services as per the various flavors listed.

Workstyle Design

Industry vertical based business applications & Knowledge base with tight integration with productivity applications like :-

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • CA s & Accountants
  • Front desk etc.

Optional Add-On

  • Smart Team - Virtual SME's Team Extension
  • Smart Secure Eye
  • Smart Managed Business Applications
  • Smart Print
  • Tiered Storage

SMART Office - Product Variance

Windows 2012 Based Application Virtualization with SMART Office Productivity Suit
Bronze Tier-1 With Microsoft Based Productivity Suit
Bronze Tier-2 Plus End User Device with Mobile Device Management
Windows 8.1 based desktop with SMART Office Productivity Suit
Silver Tier- 1 with Microsoft Based Productivity Suit
Silver Tier-2 Desktop Plus End User Device with Mobile Device Management
Windows 8.1 Based Persistent Desktop with SMART Office Productivity Productivity Suit
Gold Tier -1 with Microsoft Based Productivity Suits
Gold Tier-2 Desktop Plus End User Device with Mobile Device Management